I’ve been taking pictures for a long time, but only started serious photography about 6 years ago. I take a variety of subjects, but don’t have much experience with portraits (at least landscapes and buildings can’t complain that you’ve made them look fat or ugly!)

In the real world, after spending 6 years studying Biochemistry, I realised that life in a research lab did not suit me, so I made the switch to IT. I now work for a large financial institution. I live in Yorkshire with my partner (see www.panphoto.co.uk for her web site), and a large black and white maniac of a lurcher.

There’s some information about the equipment I use here, if you’re interested.

Apart from photography, my other main hobby is music. I sing, play the cello (occasionally) and the mandolin (badly). I also have a blog where I make occasional music-related posts and a Twitter feed.

About Me